11/11 musings

i am noticing this huge growing divide among people as some desperately try to stay blind to what is happening. it is annoying to have to deal with the reality of this things changing in our culture. i think many are still in deep denial about what is happening in our nation- wanting to go back to things as usual when we are in the midst of a ‘soul’ transformation so to speak.

even though a lot is happening right now, the main reason we as a nation of protesters have to stay vigilant to not become violent is because that energy breeds more hatred and opens up the door for people, and terrorists, to use protests aimed at protecting human rights to come in and contribute to violence, chaos, and destruction in america which will be so counter-productive and will add more need for government control and fear-based tactics. this will absolutely stop dead in their tracks the underlying message and purpose of the protests to begin with. what needs to be done is absolutely peaceful protests but not even in a way where we put our bodies at the forefront. it needs to be one on another level- it needs to be in a way where violence and the tactics of the police force have no means of harming us. it has to be economic and it has to be done in love. it has to be done in joy, with the backing of the calculated force of anger channeled with a means and goal, rather than a hot-headed explosion of disarray, literally OVERRIDING this bullshit rather than being triggered and engaged by it. we have to do some deep healing then from the shadows rise up to spread love and hold that vibe and not allow it to be torn down. we have to learn how to use our energy to collectively transform ourselves

to protest trump, or rather what he stands for, we can’t use violence because bullying tactics are not helpful for either side. we have to do all the opposite and use an intellectual discourse. wherever he tries to invalidate the law system, more than ever we need  people to uphold this democracy, the protection of human rights, and further growth through the humanities which are essential. trump supporters i would say are would say are people still very steeped in a profit-based, capitalistic mentality that discriminates based on monetary value (it’s not ALL about minority discrimination) but that’s a different writing for a different day. there is no to way collectively fight idiots with guns, except with intelligence and not going down to the level they need you at in order to win.

therefore more than ever we need people in positions of law-making power to ensure they uphold the people’s voice and needs. it seems that in america we have forgotten that our government is suppose to represent us and cater to OUR needs as people and not hold this idea that the government knows better and is essential to protect us from “big, bad” scary things. there is no room of that type of thinking in this day and age. we truly can learn to be self-governing.

there is a problem in democracy when the higher ups know things that the general public doesn’t have access to. i think that this problem was clearly brought into light with the hilary situation in america. people underlying were mad that she had confidential information because how can we truly operate as a democratic nation when information is suppressed? nothing kills a system based on freedom and speech and information faster than having confidential information kept from the general public. this takes all power away from the people and puts it into the hands of a few elect leaders who made it to the top through corrupt leadership through unscrupulously, time and time again showing the public they feel justified in using this confidential information to their own personal benefit rather than the collective good. This further erode the whole system.

This becomes the problem with systems that are too big, they struggle to govern and meet the needs of a divided nation. clearly this election has shown a divide among the tenants of american believes and values nation-wide. maybe it is time that america becomes aware of itself and rather than try to pick up the shattered pieces through forcing a mono-view of our nation & how great it is, imposing one man’s beliefs on everyone. we realizing we are a country of diverse culture, i’m in portland right now and i can tell you it’s nothing like philadelphia, which is nothing like new york, which is nothing like santa barbara (all expect our western, materialism culture that permeates the nation of corporations so that in all little towns you find the exact few mega giants- walmart, burger king, etc but again another post!)

we now how to let this diversity lead us to flourishing rathe than rip us apart. in depth psychology we are learning the diversity principal that states it is nessecary for any system to flourish. diversity is how we remain flexible and adaptable. in ecology greater biodiversity leads to residency in the face of change or disturbance.

as my wonderful professor Lori Pye writes, “The human ecosystem also requires diversity to flourish. A diverse life of ideas, curiosity, imagination, and multiple perspectives allows for opportunity. Opportunity can provide understanding, flexibility, and develop resiliency in our psychological capacities. A resilient psychology helps to cope with changes and disturbances in life. Diversity reduces mono-thinking and mono-seeing – singular, reductive and simplistic ways to approach challenges. Culturally, diversity reduces mono-cultures, communities that can only see in reductive or simplistic terms. Psychological diversity promotes opportunity, innovation, neuro-flexibility, and cooperation, so that our inner life is full, creative, meaningful, our imagination is active. Psychological diversity changes the brain, and this changes the culture.”

can we all be honest that what it means to be an american differs greatly depending on who we are as individual within this system and culture? rather than impose the great american story on everyone, which actually is only empower for a select few in america, perhaps it is time that we as a nation made room to hear the stories of our people and learn the real quality of life for a multitude of people within our country. what do the people in hawaii feel about being an american? what does it mean for the alaskans? what about the tribes at standing rock? the african american culture? white women? asian gays? how do the people in nebraska feel? what are all of these people’s concerns?? it IS time to come together as a nation but not under the mono-culture story of based on domination and oppression propagated by one culture- white supremacy.

finally, we should not be dissing the protesters in our country now- both political, environmental, and racial- “tearing the country apart” but rather be reflecting  on what is their position? should i maybe be listening to their point of view? if only to at least further understand your own point of view, it becomes nessecary to open to the experiences of others. in this way you can learn about how your own perspective might, quite accidentally, impede on the freedom of another in their right to have a point of view. can we learn as a nation to hold this delicate balance of tension and use it to further growth and learning? through open dialogue and people speaking their truth we can come to a greater understanding of who we as a nation are and are becoming.

this is definitely a tumultuous time that i don’t think many saw coming, believe it or not, the planet uranus is in the same sign astrologically as when hitler rose to power in the 1930s based on many of the same collective fears and frustrations trump has used in his campaign.  luckily i also learned about the powerful symbolism of a spiral. we keep returning to the same points over and over again until we learn the lesson. often times, we tend to fall into immediate despair “UGH i’m in this SAME position AGAIN. is this fucking real?” but in reality you aren’t in the exact same position. we each time you do have a slightly different consciousness from the last time the same series of events happened, with each time you gain a bit more perspective. the really tough lessons do take repeated experiences to finally understand the lesson. for this reason rather than be frustrated we are in this situation again, let’s focus on it as an opportunity to show how much we really have grown in social openness, diversity and most importantly LOVE. we have learned a lot in the last 90 years and now we have a chance to rise above the collective mindsets that have lead to tragedy in the past, hopefully once & for all. let’s stay conscious in this together <3

hello! i am so excited to finally be beginning my journey of blogging! my purpose in doing this is to offer you a new way of living based on deep intutive trust in the process and of life through a self-love and a connection to nature.